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Shakr follows security best practices and protects systems and infrastructures that powers your video at scale project. Here is an overview of Shakr’s security controls.

Infrastructure Security

Shakr encrypts all data at rest and in transit via the secure cipher suites and protocols. For internal networks, we incorporate network firewalls and VPNs to authorize access.

Shakr performs automated security scanning, including policy enforcement scanning and vulnerability checks, against our infrastructure and codebase. Also, we conduct a periodic access control checks as well as risk assessment to identify and mitigate potential threats.

Employee Security

Shakr enforces endpoint security for all computers used to access company data to ensure user data security. We use access control best practices such as MFA and SSO to protect accounts we use to access various vendors and services.

Shakr conducts regular security training to all employees and requires to read and acknowledge our security policies.

Vendor Security

Shakr reviews security posture and practices of each vendor to ensure all vendors we engage has a data security standard that meets our internal security policies. Shakr reviews each vendor and the internal compliance team may reject use of any software or other vendors which fails to demonstrate their ability to protect the data from Shakr and our users.


Shakr has a privacy policy which outlines how we collect and use our user information, in accordance to local regulations. User data can be deleted upon request or following a service cancellation or account termination. Read our privacy policy at https://www.shakr.com/privacy-policy.

Incident Response

In the event of a security breach or other data incident associated with user data, Shakr will promptly notify impacted users of any unauthorized access to their data. Shakr manages incident response policies and other security policies to outline action plan to respond to incidents.

If you have a question, please contact us at security@sha.kr.