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Custom Creative Templates Overview

A creative template is the fundamental element of video-making in Shakr Studio. It act as a template in which you can customize to produce video(s) that fits to your desired context. Each creative templates allow you to change or customize designated editable elements such as:

  • Texts
  • Images
  • Video clips
  • Audio
  • Font type and colors.

There are two types of creative templates that you can use. Either by uploading your own custom creative templates (After Effects project file) or importing from one of our 2,000+ Shakr Template Library’s creative templates in which is provided to all of our Shakr plan customers.

Shakr’s custom creative template is a unique way for brands and the internal design teams that create video assets for social media (and beyond) to turn their unique creations into scaleable video templates, bespoke and private to their brands.

Yes! You can enjoy the creative freedom by converting your brand’s
After Effects files to custom creative templates in Shakr!

By creating custom creative templates, motion graphic designers can focus on what they are best at, creating original content for social media. Custom creative templates on the Shakr platform can be used by anyone on a social/performance/media team to create new variations of an original creative, changing text, colors, images or video and even creating new assets based on your original work.

After Effects project file is the main source of custom creative templates in Shakr. Uploading the project files to the Shakr platform is super easy and takes just a couple of minutes. Custom creative templates on the Shakr platform are designed in Adobe After Effects, and using the “Template Wizard”, are turned into creative templates, editable in the web browser by your team for fast iterations and scaled creative.

Get started with custom creative templates by going through the below steps:

  1. Preparing AE Project (Basic)
  2. Preparing AE Project (Advanced)
  3. Setup Template with Template Wizard

Updated on May 23, 2022

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